Hour 15 – Prompt 15 – Heart, through a child’s eyes

“Mama”, her son laid his small head on her chest
He heard ‘thump thump’, as her chest rose and fell
“Mama, what is this sound from here?”, he asked
perplexed, pointing at the left side of her chest

His mother smiled and said, “That is our heart
beating, the sign that we are alive and well”
It is just like the clock on the wall, with
its hand moving at every second, depicting time

“What does our heart do?”, he asked, curious
Our heart pumps blood to all parts of our body
Just like we eat food when we are hungry
Our heart sends good blood to all our organs

The heart sends the impure blood to our lungs,
which purifies the blood and sends it to the heart
“Do I have a heart too?”, he asked, fascinated
“Yes”, his mother gently placed his hand over it

“Can the heart go on forever?”, he asked, innocently
“Yes, it can. We can donate our heart to others
When we breathe our last, our heart can be preserved
and fit into another body, to nurture another life”

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