Hour 4 – Prompt 4 – Narrative – “I am”

I am the water flowing from the mountains
Dressed as a waterfall, I enjoy my speed
[2] Accepting the challenge of the steep slope
Off I jump, over the rugged rocks and ridges
[2] Is that the valley tempting me to come?
[2] So green it looks, with icing of orange roofs
[2] My adventurous spirit propels me to explore
[2] I seek to understand the culture of the land

Then I traverse across the plains and giggle
I see everything from fields to distant buildings
At every bend, I enjoy the texture of unique pebbles
No one can predict my future course and direction
[2] The strong sunshine can take away my essence
[2] I can become a dryland with no trace of water
[2] When the clouds shower their blessings
[2] I can give life the fresh lease it yearns
[2] Or I can overflow and express my desire to destroy
After the long journey, I embrace my destiny
The warm welcome from the ocean I receive
I meet my friends and listen to their adventures

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