14. Money Note Poet

To write his love journal

And his poems

He uses banknotes

To write short poems

He takes 1 dollar notes

For the longest

The 100 money notes

And sell them 10 times

What their value says

Most of his words

Are not readable

On the notes

But he’s become

Famous for doing this

And everybody got

His own work of art

Piece of poetry

On a banknote

Because over time

They are worth

Even much more

He got arrested

At the beginning

Because it’s illegal

To use money notes

To divert its use

That very story

Made him famous

Then everybody

Started buying

His money note poems

He made quickly

A lot of money

So he was then allowed

To do it, and since then

Has been on all TV shows

And everybody got his

Money note poem

Proudly hanging

On the wall of

Their room or kitchen

Some even pray

Make some hostal

To worship the genius

Of money note poem

Money Note Poet

Is his name

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