#22bis – Florescence

20150421-112401-437-magichealingplant copyIt’s magic to talk to plants

It’s magic and off the ground

Comes all wizardry about

When the sun is out


Suddenly when the night falls

Nothing continues to grow

As it used to do


Oh it seems to be growing

But it’s just pretending to


Florescence is the most beautiful

Word I ever heard in your mouth

When the sun falls

And the night is out


It doesn’t matter where you come from

What you think and what you know

We are here to nurture our souls

And be delighted by our faith


In our love so deep for each other

Nobody can compete with

Such a deep and big love

Nobody can embrace it


You have to let the love falls in you

And never again let you falling in Love

As you do


Start now

Let the love fall in You

And you will be big

As well as you will be true

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