Nyad’s Tears

The lady in blue
Her dress draped around her
Mingling with the ripples
In the water of her pool
Lined with rocks
Softened and
Covered in shag carpets
Of green and olive moss

The lady laughs
Her laughter echoes
Even dampened by the leaves
Of the slender birch nymphs
Her hero approaches

Strong and sure
Proud, impudent and kind
His eyes are the blue
Of her garments
She opens her arms
And he forces aside the waters
That drain off his thighs
In heavy green rivers

The skies are heavy
With pregnant red clouds
And he lifts her up
A shrieking, laughing
Lady Nyad in love

The heavy laden clouds
Murmur with thunder
Blue leaves the red
A bolt of lightning
From straight above

The bolt fills them
Their love protects them
As long as she remains young
And he stays strong
Nothing can touch them

How can he ever fill
The hole his dryad left?

No mortal woman
Could bring the lightning
Down on him
And he will always crave it
He left her without knowing
That the love that
She brought him
Was rare only to her
Too late to realize
When she aged
It wasn’t to deceive him

Then She had drank all her pool
And the waters destroyed her
She was Laid to rest in
An unmarked grave
Misunderstood and reviled
Her beauty inside her

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