The Bigs are Coming to Town

The Bigs are Coming to Town
Virginia Carraway Stark

Bigs come
When they come to town
They move the streets
They turn the dumpsters upside down
They put in DUMBS
They do as they please
They’re Bigs
And they do as they please
Rewrite scripts
Make monsters where they will
If you tell anyone you saw them
No one will believe you
Because they are the Bigs
And it’s best just to Deny
Every Little you see knows it’s best
If they see a Big
To just turn and walk the other way
If a Big asks you a question
You best tell them the truth
Then forget they asked you
Or they’ll do worse than tell on you
Here’s a secret the Bigs
Want everyone to know
And that’s that
Even when they aren’t in town
And you don’t see them
They will always see you
If you see a man or woman
With a knowing gleam
In their eye
They could look like their homeless
Or they could look like they work
For the FBI
They could look like your mom or dad
They could be anyone at all
They could look like your best friend
All grown up
They could even look like you or I
They’re the Bigs
They put in tunnels everywhere
And cameras too
You don’t have to be paranoid
Because they will know whatever they want to know
And dismiss the things that doesn’t matter to them
Or eradicate anything that gets in their way
The Bigs come to town
They’re watching at the cinema
They’re watching at the street lights too
They watch you in the elevator
They see you in every camera’s gleaming eye
The Bigs are always in town
They come by gleaming car
They come by shining jet
They come by things that hover
And we are very sure
I will swear
Do not exist yet!

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