We call this meeting to order, the council of the stars.

Leave your galaxies behind, we have a serious matter to discuss.

A proposal, a new planet, Earth. 

“What will they give us, what’ll be its purpose?”

A warning. 

There will be war, famine, global warming.

Smaller injustices, rape, pillaging, genocide, murder, robbery.

They will be our test.

“A test for what?”

To see how long they last before they eventually become their own undoing.

“But sir, isn’t that cruel? What did they do to us?”

They’ve done nothing, they’re not real. I want to send a message for the rest of the universe, that in order to survive, one must not be like them.

“I see.”

“How long will this test run?”

7.79 billion years, unless they prove me wrong.

If they somehow work together, admit their wrongdoings, they can stay.

“Is it likely?”


One thought on “Before

  1. Oh a prescient! Isn’t it funny (in a sad way) when we look at the human experience on earth from another’s perspective. These distanced voices say it all. We have only ourselves to blame.

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