Self Portrait

There’s a large freckle under my left eye

that I would wipe at

for hours

trying to clean the “dirt” off my face


My right front tooth has a chip in it

from when I tried to use a butter


as a toothpick


I had tattoos splotched on my arms

they were almost all impulse


that I now question


My hairline is the same as my grandmother and her mother

an isosceles triangle patch nustled on the left side of

my scalp

that has never grown hair


I start each day cursing myself for not waking up earlier

and end the night with deja vu

a strict skincare regime

and writing five pages in my journal


There is always so much I want to do during the day

that I never get around to it

and even though I check off some of my “to do’s”

I linger on the “did not’s”

One thought on “Self Portrait

  1. Thank you for your ‘self-portrait’ – I think it is universal in how we wish for things but how we also come around to ourselves/family/DNA… I, too, wish I could focus on what has been accomplished!!!

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