The season of the Unicorn

In the world of the plain and ordinary

the primary grades called out for something new

and hairy

a spark of magic, the flick of a tale was born

and so began the season of the unicorn


a noble foal grew playful strong and sweet

shiny coat, locks of the rainbow flowing free

as she gallops, trots and cantors here to there

she’s welcomed more than any common mare


Now some love llamas, and some love narwals

The fairies fled, the mermaid swam her time

but for unicorns today a girl falls

in love, as sure as stars and bubbles shine


What purpose does their long horn serve?

I cannot guess, perhaps it’s in a book

Do they perform jousts to prove they have the nerve?

Or is it all just for the look?


Though unicorns today bring girls together

All I can say is Pegasus is better

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