Hour 16–Sestina?

Elicit my love a dairy
or if prefer a child
I’m in town to tarry
tired of the wild
prithee don’t be wary
pray thee don’t be riled

For should thou be so riled
to linger at the dairy
a wooly beast as wild
may with you choose to tarry
he is a she with child
better to be wary

And why should I be wary
she taunted and she riled
for unforgotten dairy
so circular and wild
the home in which I tarry
to set upon this child

A bowl of fruit my child
no need that you be wary
no matter you be riled
my father owned this dairy
the fruit is from the wild
if you must leave don’t tarry

The cooper may not tarry
in keeping with a child
I shall burn the dairy
if you be so riled
spoiled you be wary
ruined in the wild

Forget that I am wild
I dare not linger, tarry
you see he is my child
a present just as wary
a bastard never riled
upon a wayward dairy

One two dairy three four wild
Five six child seven eight tarry
the wasted wary rounding ten riled

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