Hour Eleven

Nature or Love?

I never see the forest for the trees
I always find myself longing to be in nature
and yet, I never know what to do when I get there

The first time I went to a state park
the forest ranger told me I needed to be
careful “This isn’t the city,” He said with a smile

What I always found funny is that
I was born out in the middle of nowhere
I have never even seen a skyscraper before

When I go outside, I always
try to look up at the clouds in the sky
everyone else can turn them into shapes I can’t see

Nature makes me feel different
It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack,
I don’t belong in nature, just like a needle doesn’t belong in hay

Looking out at the vast
spread of trees within a park
makes me feel so alone in this large world

It’s actually quite ironic
nature almost makes me feel
like you used to before you took my heart and left








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