Hour Seven


  1. the way i should have responded when you left. you said it so fast, i wasn’t sure i heard correctly. i should have fought for you. asked you what i did wrong. after all, isn’t that what society tells women to do? it always seems to be a woman’s fault when the man leaves. when I was sure you were leaving, i should have cried. i should have written countless poems asking what i did wrong. isn’t that what is expected during heartbreak? instead, i just stood on the porch and watched your taillights disappear in the rain.
  2. how it felt when you left. i no longer felt like i was stuck in reverse. i could live my life on my own terms. “why is she so happy being alone?” i hear people whisper as i pass them. society tells us we should not be joyous in our independence. little do they know the truth of our relationship. i was finally free from my cage.
  3. now, i lie next to him. i do not feel the need to watch my words. i do not feel the need to give more than i take. is this love?



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