Hour Ten

The Holidays

My family sits all around
as I begin to open my presents
another year older and yet
two more steps behind

“When will you get married?”
“Why are you studying English?”
“How do you expect to make a living?”
“Writing won’t pay the bills.”

When did such a beautiful time
become such a nightmare?
I always seem to be the butt of the jokes
every holiday season

“Right now, I am focusing on me.”
“I love English that’s why.”
“I’ll figure it out, I always do.”
“It keeps me alive, doesn’t it?”

Isn’t the holiday supposed to be
a time of joy?
Maybe, I am the reason it isn’t
After all, who wants to spend the holidays alone?

One thought on “Hour Ten

  1. I like the play off between parents and young adult child. Cat Stevens wrote a song a long time ago called Father and Son that addresses this topic. A long time ago I remember what it was like to be a young adult trying to find my way in the world and adults trying to set the boundaries. It is funny how both are right.

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