Held High

Never had a backseat memory with you,
No nostalgic leap to american adolescence,
You know I always would, desert star skies we never shared
The only notch left to make is to connect far off,
Darkly splendid catacombs call to the Seine’s banks,
A million dead to take you trans-continent,
Bring you something you never had
Would you let me guide, places I went before?
Could you ever let it be a joy,
Rather say you are doing it for me?
Said you never thought of it,
Despite so many times we spoke.
I know romance doesn’t wear my face
For someone who likes back up security
I must be a lowest last resort.
Held by others during earthquakes,
Would you touch for turbulent hours up high?
A chill in recycled air, stiff seats, lay on me.

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