Stayed and settled, desperate refining pained rapture,
Crushed neglect, conditioned to not seek my peace,
Violence against self to hem-in,
Back to those old school days
With a Sunday letter written and master checked,
When all is but debris, return to a familiar act.

Craft and recraft at first one then more and finally six.
Hundreds of hours, multifaceted paradigms to contain.
Reshaping on spinning lathe, carving off myself, give smooth outside.
Taking back closure from no body ever buried.
Lest recipient as feared, a gift of pure sight, regard and cherish.
Only an elevator pitch perspective – cable cut, hurtling sobriety.

In swipe dismissal junk folder mute,
An object marked with purpose deliver,
To continue existing drawn on if needed future,
Marked with scent personal shared distant encounter,
Cultivated as a last intent to see if love ever was.
If love was it will melt and if wasn’t then closure taken.

Received stand out shock – who else in a moment,
Only time a letter crafted months ever gifted,
Few others return a thumb tap screen,
Yet scorn justification condemn the offering,
Ripped in situ whipping boy effigy,
Yet in magic talismen destroyed to enter unconscious and manifest full.

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