Poem 3

I’ll shag you in the next life
When I am not me but the person you shag
And you and you
We are one
But our escapades take us abroad
Into threatening definitives
Like Westerns through the ravine
Or non-westerners through the west
Satisfied in the good grace of a shadow
Some of the lust safely offloaded to a deduced wormhole
All textural imagining true
Under the rhythmic bridge
Beneath the coffee plant
But mass is harder
Clear passionate
Cope, glad
Care for the crying, incommunicative baby of your mind
Try shifting,
Try fresh air
And bring down the curtains
And make common the means
Make your stakeholder trust grow
Shrink out the vast state of ramrods and respect
The tomfoolery of the self declared king
Shrink out those who make a sport of your lives
Kick them out of their deckchairs, their box
Their sallow oblivious nihilist eyes
And we will have a safe life
Not without challenge
Not without graft, I expect
In the spinning seasons
But not our own worst enemy any more
We are sick, and mercy, we can be saved
For many many many
For the rapture of admitting reality
In its dizzying pain
Its versimilitude
If not you, who else
If not now, what lemon

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