Beam Me Up Scotty

You too can say, “Take her out Mr. Chekov,” or “I need more power Scotty,” and even “Put me in warp drive Mr. Sulu.”

No, not on the Starship Enterprise, but on Elon Musk’s Crew Dragon and not to distant galaxies but to the International Space Station, for ten days.

Because the difference between men and boys are their toys and space travel is in vogue.

You can boldly go where no Billionaire has gone before for only fifty five million dollars.

(Please hum the theme from Star Trek. That would only be logical.)

5 thoughts on “Beam Me Up Scotty

  1. I actually sent this one to a friend and fellow poet because I knew he’d love it. I love poems about trees and sunrises and first kisses, but my favorites are the ones like these that have a little venom in them. Outstanding job! Live long and prosper. đź––

    1. “Space the final frontier” that was my brain beginning the 16th hour as the Star Trek theme song kept coming in again and again. They say poetry is cathartic and it seemed to work as the song finally left my brain. Thank you for the kind words. Check out if you have time another creative enterprise with a bit more sleep however.

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