Tasking The Paranoiac-Critical Mind

Prompt for Hour Twenty-Two

Salvidor Dali

where is your paranoiac-critical mind

I need your method more than ever.

that state between sleep and consciences.

where abstractions grow like Van Gogh’s poplar trees.

Let me slip into your sleep-walking journey.

where reality fails to solidify.

and dreaming finds dimension.

just a few more hours of mental babbling on.

I am nearing the end of this daydreamer’s trail.

a road, never taken, to end well

and stretching, stretching beautifully,

In a grove of poet-trees.






Text Prompt

Write a poem to wake yourself up.


3 thoughts on “Tasking The Paranoiac-Critical Mind

  1. I really like the sounds and shape this poem, they allow the dreamlike tonality your poem creates to reverberate in the ways your thoughts seem to flow in those final few hours of the marathon.

    The alliterative and repetitive sounds were so well used in the poem to give the whole poem jarring moments like a sleeper jerking awake when they’ve fallen asleep at a desk writing poetry. =)

    Darren Syme Coremans (@dscoremans)



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