12 Taking Steps Into the Edda

Hearing I ask from all the tribes, greater and lesser, the offspring of Heimdall; Father of the Slain, you wish me well to declare living beings’ancient stories those I remember from furthest back.

~First line of The Poetic Edd; Seeress’s Prophecy.~

Taking steps into the Edda.


Listen to the Seeress’s words.

Hearing voices from the past.

I ask from her, please tell;

All the stories of  the Tribes,

Every story, be they greater or lesser.

I am the offspring of Heimdall by my Mother.

Tell me how He became, Father of the Slain.

Declare the ancient stories.

That others may someday wish me well in

my own telling of living beings.

If you will remember:

Tell me those from Furthest back.



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