Ode to A Water Hose.

Prompts for Hour Twenty-One

You bridge a pipeline to each tree,

and flower patch and unpulled weed.

You’re more than just a plastic snake

as water shoots out from your neck.

You are my staff my scepter sleek

when I into my garden sneak.

I need not build a grand canal,

Or carry water in a pale.

My aqueduct— three-quarter hose,

Small waterfalls feed from your nose.

With you, I travel back in time,

to Eden’s watered river prime.

Oh, flowing sapphire staff made clear,

A snake, like you, is welcomed here.




Text Prompt

An ode is a formal address to a person, place, or thing, not present. An irregular ode does not have a traditional form but the manner largely retains the tone and thematic elements of the classical odes.  There’s a wonderful example poem here, called an Ode to Shea Butter by Angel Nafis.

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