Prompt 4, Poem 4: Remember


Thus, remembrance;

the tiny memories I keep in a box with a heart on the top;

protected from forgetfulness.

Pictures are all around in my home, memories trapped in time I can revisit.

Or of people or cats I can reminisce.

Stuffed animals are everywhere,

they bring comfort and love,

I’m always looking for more.

There is art here and there that gives me joy,

stirring my inspiration

and soon I am writing away again.

I write one positive thing a day in my journal,

so one day, I can look back and remember.


Thus, remembrance. – Colleen Schwartz, Bellingham, WA, U.S. Hour 7  The Poetry Marathon Anthology 2019

2 thoughts on “Prompt 4, Poem 4: Remember

  1. I loved seeing all of your one-word titles for your poems! I was drawn to this line, “protected from forgetfulness.” And you have so many in here that play on words in both a fun but poignant way, building on the previous line but in with a surprising meaning, such as “I’m always looking for more.” I “awwwed” out loud when I read that – I FELT that line! I hope you really do write something positive every day – that sounds like a beautiful practice. If you don’t know it already, I highly recommend Lynda Barry’s book Making Comics. It’s as much about writing as it is about drawing, and it totally changed my journaling! I now both draw and write – like you, I try to draw one image every day from my memories of the previous day. It’s challenging to remember! Thank you for the joyful read!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I write something everyday, sometimes I get a few days behind but I go back and add something. I also have a happy jar I can take prompts out of that have random questions or telling me to write myself a letter or poem, etc if I can’t think of anything. I love that you draw something everyday. That’s great! I’ll check out the book!

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