No. 16: Look Up

Cottony puff balls of vapor
Scudding across a blue sky
Roiling and rolling into shapes
As the atmospheric winds push them along

Who hasn't, as a child, lain on the grass
Looking up and imagining seeing something
Where it shouldn't be
Competing with siblings and friends to find it first

I can no longer look up without getting dizzy
And I'm certainly not going to lie on my back in the grass
As I get itchy from just the thought,
But I do look for different signs

What is the weather going to be like
Are the contrails made by cirrus clouds
Or the vapor of jets high above
Those are my concerns of today

Now and then I think I should take the time
To look upward - keeping my balance by sitting
In a lawn chair - to see if I can see
The imaginings of my inner child

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