Writing By Firelight

I am very content to sit down by a fire and just relax. Definitely an Aries, a fire sign I am. I like the beach too, the water and sand, but not as much as a fire or even candles burning. Just siting by my candles in my office is peaceful. I also collect leaves, driftwood, rocks and feathers that I find, and display them on my shelves with my books. I am very at home with nature, might be the Cherokee in me.

I’ve been sitting by this fire for about four hours now but with no intention of going inside. I even built the fire back up so it would last longer. I suppose at some point I’ll have to go in, but for now, I’m enjoying my writing by the firelight.

Hour 12 Artwork

Friends come together and unite
Under similar circumstances
They write new pieces

To share with one another

Authors, poets and writers
We are all the same
Yet very different

Students, parents,
Workers, homemakers
Equal human beings

Let’s reveal unique masterpieces

Children, kids,
moms, dads,
spouses, siblings

Artists who put pen to paper
same as photographers with cameras
and florists using flowers

raw materials become
things of our imaginations
dream some more

call out the name of my Muses
Chris, Jacob and Cory
Whisper sweet words in my ear
Create this poem



Oh Mother Erin,
Isle of greens and golds.
Kings and queens,
knights and ladies.

Mystic lands of Celtic lore,
I am drawn to thee.
Imposing castles and churches,
tell me your stories

Follow the stonewalls
to an ancient graveyard
hear the lonely calls of forever lost souls
as the waves crash against the high cliffs.

Mono Colored World


Why must everything be about colors?

The brown skinned, the yellow skinned, the red skinned…
How about PEOPLE?

Black or white Porsche?
According to one show, it’s not that simple (they live in Bel Air, CA)

Granny Smith vs Macintosh?
Green vs red
Dark vs light

Why can’t we just live in a monochromatic world like we used to?


Spiders crawl everywhere,
up your arms, down your back
Fake ones, real ones
Dead ones inside
Live ones outside

CW is afraid of them
But I am not.

MV was an extra in the second movie
But I was not.

Stare at a picture of one for a full minute, then stare at your hand.

Squash it quick!

Crap, that was my writing hand.

Let Me Tell You


As a writer, I’ll
write and tell
me and you
all about how
I’m lying in the
sun and in the sun
lay a dying rose.


“I’ll tell you how the sun rose,”  from Emily Dickinson’s A Day


Inside out, upside down
Down is up, up is down
Red is blue, black is white
You are me, but am I you?



Animals dancing, singing
Mother Nature is talking to us.

People are animals
Animals are people
but do we treat each as equals?

No. Animals are treated like people in some places, like property other places.
People have the same stories, treated like humans in some places, like property other.

Domestic animals are family, workers, friends and companions.
Wild animals are food, protectors, population controllers.

But all are part of Nature,
Don’t disturb Nature at work
So that this planet can survive.



Dusty, but not dusty.
Cool but not cold,
dark but not dark

Caves. Not Batman’s Cave
But real caves, with
stalagmites and stalactites

Underground rivers
breed animals
who never see the light of day

The James Gang hid here.
The locals held dances
and picnics here.

My home away from home.
My past life, catching up to
my present life

Seven stories tall, but hardly
noticed once inside.
Climb up, climb down.

Follow the river, inside and out
don’t get lost, or spend your life
in the Honeymoon Suite.

Meramec Caverns,
my heart and my soul
belong to thee.