Hour 24-place most at home in

my office, with its 3 tone lavender walls, light gray carpet, books galore, my desk and loveseat. It’s were I’m most comfortable, whether it be reading or writing or whatever. 90% of my time is spent here. Even for the marathon, while I did move around a bit, in the early morning hours I was in here. Took my nap here, sometimes I’ve been known to sleep in here. In the Northeast corner of the house, the last place to get hit by the rain and wind in the window. While most men have a man cave, and women a she shed, I have a me office. I even have stuck on the door one of those signs with the stick people that says office, a white board calendar and just inside the door, an old fashioned pencil sharpener on the wall and two mail in and out folders that hang on the wall. I have several personal works (art and writing awards) hanging, along with fun quotes that fit me, my name signs (I have lots of them, with my name being Joy, especially at Christmas I am everywhere!) Cozy, comfy enough to sleep in, my office. My home at home.

Hour 23-Cheese

mmmm Cheese.

cheese in my crust,

cheese as desert.

Cheese sticks dipped in chocolate pudding!

fried mozzarella and mac and cheese bites and cheesy tots.

The Sims 2 has a life aspiration about grilled cheese sandwiches and creepy cheese guy from Buffy!

Amish Country cheese is the best!

I love Cheese!

Hour 21-Ode Poem

Without you,

heads would roll.

My mouth would scream unintelligible words

and my fists would fly.

Don’t get between me

and caffeine,

the cold dark fizzy goodness in a blue labeled bottle.

Hour 19-Self Portrait Poem

I have caffeine in my bloodstream,

singing sweetly,

while paint covers my hands,

all different colors.

My heart

is a rainbow, loving all.


Hour 18-“Just Be Still…and Listen”

Go sit outside at any given time and listen.

it might take some a moment,

but soon you will hear birdsongs,

wind in the trees, etc.

It just takes an extra moment to hear,

but soon Nature won’t shut up!

Hour 17-Quote

“Books were safer then other people anyway” Neil Gaiman

Books can’t yell at you, they can’t harass you.

They are a home away from home.

Open a book and you are home.

Hour 15-Should’ve said Yes

I should’ve said yes…when?

  • when no one asked me out until I was in college
  • to get that tattoo…maybe one day (considering I have five piercings)
  • to go get a drink ( I dislike the taste of wine and some alcohol)
  • to go all the way (we didn’t have any protection, but it would’ve been my first)


Hour 16-Sensory Poem

How often do we unknowingly touch someone?

A handshake, a hug, a pat on the back?

Slowly we are getting back to doing just that.

  • For over a year, no touching.
  • We as adults, who were told as kids not to touch anything, were told not to touch each other, or random surfaces.
  • We had to stay 6 feet apart and couldn’t even see each others’ smiles through the masks that hid our faces.
  • If we did touch something or someone, we had to stop what we were doing and immediately sanitize the thing or our hands and like every inch of everything around us, for fear of the pandemic virus.

Hugs are coming back in style now, along with hand touching and patting of the back. Let’s keep moving on this upward trend.

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