Hi everyone! ☺

Hello everybody! My name is Lindsey Toya-Tosa I’m from New Mexico. This will be my first poetry marathon. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m pretty excited but nervous.

I am currently majoring in creative writing and write mostly nonfiction and fiction stories. I’ve written a few poems but I’m not very good at it. So, I’m hoping this opportunity will help expand my poetry writing.

I wish everyone luck in this marathon! 😊☺


Hi there! My name is Zoe, and this is going to be my first half-marathon. I’m looking forward to this, sounds like a lot of fun!

Hey Writers, 😊


My name is Darren, and I’m a Scottish writer and poet. I’m still pretty new to the field, but I’m working on a few exciting projects with the hopes that they will lead to publication. This is my first year taking part in this event.

I’ve chosen to jump into the deep end so to speak and take part in the 24hour challenge and I’m very excited to not only take part, but to try my hand at some new styles of poetry along the way.

Can’t wait to read other people’s work as well as having the opportunity to share my own.

Good luck everyone and Happy Writing. 😊 DSC

Writer’s Doubt

Doubt is something
Every writer has
If they say
They are liars
As well as fools
Only poets embrace
Writer’s doubt
For if it can be felt
It can be poetry

Who’s that lady?

Hi all! I am Kim and I love poetry!!!! I akso love performing poetry as Spoken Word. My stage name is SpecialK. I am also a mom and do a lot of mundane mom/family things. I love to read, swim, ride horses and anything where I can hang out with my family. I’m a simple chic trying to live her best life. This is my 1st poetry marathon and I am excited as all get up, while at the same time nervouse as heck! Best of luck to everyone participating!!!! I’d love any pointers a yone would like to offer.

Poetry Marathon here I come!

Hi there!

You can call me Fiona and I’ve been writing poetry for one or two years now (not much, I know). I’ve written some decent poems, however, only in my first language and I want to sharpen my skills in English poems ^^

This is my first time ever trying out the Poetry Marathon, and I hope that it’ll be a great experience! 😀
(I, of course, will go for the full marathon because if I’ll do it, I’ll do the complete marathon – I only hope that the lack of sleep won’t affect my poem skills that much.)

I wish every contestants – may it be a full marathoner or a half marathoner – the best and may our work speak for itself!


Poetry Marathon. Are you ready?

Short answer: Yes!

Longer more realistic answer: Um life is unpredicltable so depending on how much sleep I get the night before, readiness is questionable. The first 24 hr marathon I ever did I was tending bar through ten hours of it. The second marathon was a breeze compared to the first. This will be my third 24 hours of poems and I will be posting all of my pieces here as well as my instagram account. @cc_writes if you are interested. So we will see how the followers like that action lol. Anywho, I am excited and no just typing random ideas as my coffee has yet to pull me into complete focus. I bid you farewell and see you all very soon.


xoxoxox C.

Hi All


This is my second time at the poetry marathon and I take the opportunity to wish all marathoners all the very best

Ready for the full marathon!

I am taking on the challenge of the full marathon for the first time this year. As I get older, sleep becomes a more precious commodity, so I’m a bit nervous … not about making it through the marathon, but about making it through YMCA camp with 25 kids the following week after the sleep disruption! Writing is important to me, though, and the last time I participated in the half-marathon, it launched me into a more disciplined routine for writing for the following few months. Here’s hoping I can keep it going longer this time!

Running the Range

Living in rugged rural Nevada proves to be a most perfect setting for the creative process in this my fourth year of retirement. I spend my time volunteering, writing, taking photographs, and creating pieces of art. My written work and photographs have been published locally Community Living Magazine on the Nevada Magazine and on the state level. I participated in Reno is Artown last year and have been invited again this summer to sell my chiffon art scarves. It’s a prestigious and game changer opportunity! !  I am also participating in the 2019-2020 Nevada Arts Council’s new Basin to Range Exchange Project. It is an intentional urban meet rural collaboration. For volunteering my favorite role is sitting with my 93 year old neighbor for respite care.

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