This is just a check to see if I’m getting it right.

Please could someone let me know if this is what I’ll be doing in a few days?




I have just realised that I haven’t tested my posting abilities. So bear with me whilst I try this.

And if some of you clever ones can tell me if I’m doing it right? Thanks,


Floundering in Fantasy land

Hello all my fellow writers,

I’m so excited to be able to join you all in this adventure on Saturday.

However, I’m a complete newbie at online writing. Am trying to practice posting via this, wonder if I’ve got it right. Been writing for a couple of years now, particularly enjoy poetry, but am very amateurish. Don’t have a blog or anything, maybe its a good time to start?

So on Saturday, 2pm my time (Glasgow, Scotland), what happens?

Do I come in here and wait for a prompt? How does that work?