HOUR 20 The Tragedy in Chorus

The Tragedy in Chorus


My sweet and servile lark,

how you wish to flee incarceration,

My testing set in motion,

Your chance at hand liberation,

My cunning and wicked songbird,

I have afforded freedoms possibility,

My hobbled and observant serin,

Chose flight and endure loving hostility.


You chose the route ill-advised,

I watched you still ready and waiting,

You chose escape of my loving touch,

A price to pay a penance degrading,

You chose the path easily predicted,

In shadow and murk, I glide portentous,

You chose poorly amputated queen,

My presence looms in rage tremendous.


Our games thought once withdrawn,

The chair, your crutch, swiftly ceased,

Our games change form,

Matching your caged Aria confronting my Tenor in beast,

Our games new developments fitting,

A betrayal must be acknowledged in brutal objection,

Our games progression ever evolving,

But now it’s time forelimb removal and glorious dissection.





HOUR 19 The Vicious Voila’

The Vicious Voila’



Amidst hazel light of candle luminosity,

Amongst the array of sordid creations,

Mercy entreated, but shall not be shown,

Her own predispositions seldom cloned.


She requests a respite from the hand that feeds,

Always pleading the case of subservience,

But my own internal undertaking soon to fulfillment,

All I can do is endure her savory and inflictive tones.


My own metamorphosis soon upon us,

Valkyrie’s descent into madness vital to my cause,

The corruption of her body and mind,

A lasting gift in purification’s form.


Slowly I cater to her physical needs,

Dwindling ever more at the flick of my whim,

Cautious in the shattering the psyche,

All aiding my revelatory becoming.


Though wheelchair bound and I.V. drip aided,

My dark being nurtures her transition,

Loving and solemn, I don’t say a word,

Deprivation of conversation a useful device.


Great timing upon us as I finally speak,

‘My sweet dark angel in depths of sinister desire,

I removed your imperfections, unsightly, not needed.

I commenced with your febrile leg, Voila’’.


HOUR 18 A Morbid Misdirection

A Morbid Misdirection


The Naïve Valkyrie, to confidant in your haste,

Those who would be devoured by you, issued swift invite,

For you saw what I allowed you to perceive,

A repour in civility concealing a desire to deceive,

Pride’s punishment,

Watch closely.


The Naïve Valkyrie, driven on by blood fueled salacity,

Preoccupation and control of those you ensnared,

For you saw what I allowed you to perceive,

Absorbed in your own hellish and brazen cravings,

Lust’s lament

Watch tentatively.


The Naïve Valkyrie, murderous movements filled by outrage,

An aspirant in righteousness and spirited vengeance,

For you saw what I allowed you to perceive,

Provoked on course for retributive and unrelented justice,

Wrath’s worthlessness,

Watch over here.


The Naïve Valkyrie, resentment of your possession’s past life

Indignant and malice compelled you to seek the self-tormented demise,

For you saw what I allowed you to perceive,

Compulsive in single minded direction, ever causing a painful decision,

Envious enmity,

Watch carefully.


The Naïve Valkyrie, a glad reprieve I shall grant you solace and reprieve,

Your far travelled palate accustomed only to the finest,

See what you wish to see, as I want perceived,

Enjoy my succulent offerings, prepared only from the finest fare,

Gluttonous gourmand.

Are you ready?


The Naïve Valkyrie, if you chose what you should perceive,

You would no doubt be accustomed to that taste,

For within the trappings of your own larder and kitchen,

I processed the meal you consume, not wanting your brother Jon…

to go to waste.



HOUR 15 The Fall of the House of Cards

The Fall of the House of Cards


I watch on as Valkyrie fails, quivering as she laments in the cruelest of tasks given,

My unholy command for the blood of her untainted brother not forthcoming,

Resolution now guides my form, smirking in shadowed ecstasy,

I retrieve her dropped farming implement with steady hand,

The sickles hilt firm in my practiced and unforgiving palm,

Silently I move to end her undying, fraternal love,

For I grab Jon’s head with a menacing grip,

His widened eyes betraying realization,

A brisk stoke, a deluge of arterial spray,

A second stroke coats Valkyrie further,

The shrouded air cerise in hue,

A third severing silky sinew,

Forth ripping cartilage,

No fifth produced,

Rapid hand tugs,



Screams, cries, and a veritable cacophony of sound to greet me

For I am victorious and ecstatic at the true joy soon coming,

Now the Mistress of Macabre, Valkyrie is totally mine,

Subservient to my will in a game she introduced,

If fate were my ally, its smiles on favorably,

Her ensuing slavery no commencing,

The head of her brother gifted,

Booming shrieks retreating,

She whimpers as broken,

Her power depleted,

A victim self-made,

Now surrenders,

My  true power,

My iron will,

Her life





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