Cycles (Poem 2)

“Good morning!”
I hear you sing
I turn over to look at you
Smiling at me
The sun illuminating the room
A kiss on the forehead
I smile again

Be honest
Last week you told me
We wouldn’t be here again
I wouldn’t have to hurt again
I turn away
You touch my shoulder
I frown again

I see you
It’s late
After hours
We laugh, we play
You tell me about your day
Suddenly we’ve managed to keep all
the bad stuff at bay
I sigh in contentment
You touch my cheek
I sigh again

Another cycle begins

Drowning (Hour 1)

I take a deep breath

and plunge

Now I’m in deep with you

We swim around

Blissfully taking each other in

I notice your skin

Wrinkly and pale

I look at you

Asking with my eyes

“How long can we survive like this?”

You look away

And I know we can’t

You open your mouth

I want to scream at you ‘no!’

I swim towards the surface

My lungs screaming for air

But you hold my feet

Pulling me down

I try to kick

It’s no use

Your grip is too strong

I look into your eyes again

You don’t want to be in this alone

So I stop

I open my mouth too

You hold my hand

Pull me close

I close my eyes

Slowly we begin to sink

I realize it then

We’re drowning


In our sin


Hi! My name is Brittany and I’m from Atlanta, GA. I’ll be participating in the half marathon. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m looking forward to practicing and testing my writing skills. I’ve always loved writing poetry, since I was in¬†elementary school. I have a few poems published, yet I was never confident in writing. So I really want to do this to test my strengths and weaknesses and grow more confident in my writing. Also, I look forward to reading everyone’s work!