Prayers on Water


She wakes to meet the day

While slumber has a hold on others.

She rides the waves of silence

Soft, soft silence

Falls into her hands

Like catching snowflakes

In winter.

Rocking in the waves

The rhythm of the water

Is her own.


She will tell you

What there is to know.

She is the waves,

The waves are her,

And they are ONE.

Dance on Air

One day she’ll dance on air

When ground

And sky

And water

Are all one.

The wind in her hair

Soft rain falling

She can feel

Life’s rhythm

Flowing in.

She danced on earth;

Now she dances on air.



Faces in the rocks

And in the leaves

Upon the ground.

In clouds they change

When passing by

Each look

A new one found.

I see the faces

Of all time

Held there

In nature’s hand.

The Painting of the Stars

The first one glows

Alone at night

A monad in the dark.

Then second comes

And third and fourth

And grows the light.

Like fireflies in the sky

They dance


The painting of the stars.

Namaste, friends

Hello fellow poets. My name is Denise and I have been writing poetry for over 40 years. I started writing when I was a young child as a way of “voicing” what I could not speak out loud. It has been a 4-decade healing journey for me and the journey continues; each day bringing new teachings and miracles.

I look forward to reading all of your posts 🙂