Poem 2

Wake up


Office to home,
home to office,
that all we are left for..
We sleep, not to dream,
but to wake up next morning.
We eat, not to feel the real taste,
but to fill our empty stomach.
We do makeup, although never felt the beauty of our natural body,
but to look good artificially.
We think, not for the betterment of ourselves,
but only for profit.

What are we doing?
Are we a well wisher for us?
or a robot whose commands are set to some restricted things.
Thats not living,
neither loving..
Its just surviving,
completing the tasks, we are meant for.
It seems suffocating..

Wake up..
I am trying to wake myself from all these,
As its hard to breathe.
love your sleep, no matter if its just of hours three.
love your dreams, no matter if it is just cakes cream.
love your taste, no matter what you ate.
love your skin, no matter if you are thin.
love to grow(internal beauty/soul), no matter if it is’t show(position/wealth).

All matters is just you,
as nobody put their foot in your shoe.
Its you, who would blame/appreciate,
neither its late nor early too.

Poem 1

Why I started writing..

Collecting hundred of thoughts
collecting memories..
but where are they?
After years, when we grow old, wrinkled, skinny, blind..
we forget evething..
only blur images left in mind.
I started to write..
to save all the moments of life
every piece of paper shows me the grace
with which I embrace..
counting the number of years i wasted
which left untasted..
But now, to give it a meaning,
I write everything..
Whenever, i needed or missed that charm,
I go back to that warmth..
It gives me joy, power, faith
encourages me to be more brave..

Sorrow, tears, struggle
all comes my way..
But reading those memories take them away
pictures, videos are one of the subsitutes
but writings re-creates that fruit..
what you felt, you wrote and then read, years after..
nobody can take that from you.

Few hours left 😛

Excited 🤗 .. Oh sleep! Though I love you alot but please don’t come tonight 😎… i wanna spend my time with my second  love ✍ poetry ❤