The rain hangs like a thin curtain in the air
As i savor the citrus aftertaste of butterflies from another life
Listless. Heap. Of. Lifelessness.
Broken bodies of mass energy in the universe scattered
Above. My. Mind.
Leaving a sweet bouquet of

Approaching slumberland

A metal knob in my hand
The sun is sneaking up behind me
I step forward and feel something soft beneath my shoes

It smells like coconut and ocean air as i slowly
Make my way toward
The bed
My heart skips a beat
My eyes heavy with anticipation
Long. Awaited. Slumber.

The squish of memory foam
At my back
Dark thoughts of what is
Behind. My. Eyelids.

My phone in my hand
Fingers typing out
I see…

Thoughtful Wonder

The stars hang in the night sky with no strings, and the moon, well, the moon is so big it demands it’s own space among those shiny beings.

The sun is a huge ball of fire! Yet it too hangs in the balance, and a string or a rope would be incinerated instantaneously.

People, cars, trees, lakes and rivers may not be in the sky, but what holds them dearly to earth that they may live to see another day?

The universe is a mystical, magical place, and the questions only leave room for more wondrous questions.


I am alive

I woke up this morning

I am happy

For nothing can stand in my way

I am loved

Because I love so many

I am alone

But I am never lonely

I am finished with my first poem

With 17 minutes left and counting!

The Man I Never Met

a man stopped by
to see if I was in
a man, a gentle, kind looking man
needing to find a friendly face

to see if I was in
he took time from his day
needing to find a friendly face
he was a gentle, kind looking man

he took time from his day
a man stopped by
he was a gentle, kind looking man
a gentle, kind looking man