poem #1: Grad.

The music thumps,

And the dusty edges of my soul come raging against their noise.

I’m the prince of sentimental disturbance and the heat is begging me to give it a rest.

Next year is the test.

And I am the holy one among all the holier beings of the golden light in their golden robes.

Seeing the Sun too.


Hi everyone, my named is Mateo Lara, I am extremely thrilled to have an opportunity to participate in this. I am 21. I enjoy writing mostly because it helps me stay sane, and that’s sober truth. I am from California. I am in college and messing up my life as the days go by, but you know…i’ll get it together eventually. I can’t wait to share my words and share my daily emotional whirlwind from 9 to 9, because so many things happen in a day, it’ll be interesting to see how it all goes.

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