10 words pen

evening comes as loneliness waits

wrapped in its raincoat – as fate doth fake

promises of youth purloined

amidst life’s mystery all sadness is born

elbowing in upon my gait – as if to say no longer can you wait, to find things that once were sought, attainable now but only as in thoughts. when night and loneliness loose their steam, you seek to dismiss it as yet another daytime LIVING dream

peculate’d or so it seems, ¬†visceral desires, safer when unseen

redolent of sweetness and touch

breaks the seal of a concrete jar encased in steel

laws unleashed

in a world afloat with love and light,

i would choose you, my sweet delight. with no Grav ity tonight, wouldn’t everything just be alright

to hear with heart no inner ear ringings, only the strumming of a zillion strings. sent round and round the magnetic realm, erupitng light  Рas a bright new moon embraces the waiting lake

eyes closed, chin uplifted, lips parting – awaiting the kissing

waving hands like clouds pushing away attachments; nothing sticks but that with heart simple gestures become a part. of all things tried and true, with no laws to bind us, i would start with you