# 8 Just Another Day

Curled body in an empty bed.

Another  sleepless night ahead.

Tossing and moaning,

The pain is real and agonizing..


Reaching out…gasping the breath.

From a long night of waiting.

Is this longing can see the end?

She’s to tired for wanting.


She hopes the end is nearing.

So she no longer paining.

It’s been long overdue.

The thirst is now real and new.


The morning come… she opens her eyes.

Hoping to see a ray of light.

But once again, she sighs.

Just another day… not in  paradise.



#5 Miss T

She is known for being fiery.

Straightforward and spicy.

She got that looks,

Men cannot  shy away

But who is she?

The woman named Miss T.


I knew her before she knows me,

She has this beauty inside and out that inspired me.

A strong woman woven in compassion and kindness.

She loves life more than itself.


Her life is a beautiful story.

Her faith in God and humanity is history.

Her wisdom has been tested in times.

She had seen pain, loses and goodbyes.


life’s surprises, she has seen a fair shares

But she never faltered nor wavered.

She stood proud, strong and undeterred .

She is the epitome of a woman now and then.



Ripples Poem#7

You are ripples in my life
You bring small waves of emotion.
Beautiful yet uncertain
A mixed of doubt, hope, logic and life’s ion.
Stirred into tiny rings of excitement and anticipation.
A moment the ripples appeared,
It was beautiful
Once out of sight, beauty ebbs away,
And doubt emerged instantly.
You maybe the bubbles in my mind.
That causes chaos all the time.
But my heart sings a different tune.
Just believe, when truth arrives.
Hold on tight and you will find…

Five Minutes Friendship

The traffic halted,
I sighed…another slow ride.
Yawned and closed my eyes…

Sparking fancy car
Moving slowly side by side.
Two sad brown eyes
Peering through the glass window of a luxurious ride.
He made silly faces but no happy sight.

Our eyes met …
I smiled and mouthed the word “Hi”.
He waved and blew, “Thank you.”
He giggled a little and gestured,
The food on his lap.
A little child, barely a kid having breakfast
In the backseat of a fancy car.
While mom and dad busy fiddling their gadgets.
Talking to an invisible friend

As we waved goodbye,
In a morning traffic jam
In five minutes time
I met a tiny friend
Whom I learned.
The paradox of time.
We have more but we grow less.


She looks into his eyes …
Hoping to find warmth and peace.
She gets nothing but fright …
Nothing but a freezing coldness.

How many souls will be gone astray …
How many sad eyes there will be …
How many hearts will be broken …
In this game called Love
With its “forever” fantasy.

The Eye #PoemTwo


Blue, black, white a wheel of chrome,
Tall, short, long, big and small,
lovely, fancy, majestic and beautiful,
Little eyes of a child full of marvel.

love, crushes, boys, girls teeners.
School, games, party, and secret whispers.
Styles, individuality, freedom and rebel in action.
Big eyes of awe and wonder in exploration.

Anxious, mistrust, worried and tired
Fearful, disbelief, impatient and agitated,
Crisis, failure, adversity and chaos,
The sight eyes captured in old and vivid colors.

The Window of the soul, unfiltered.
The eye captured the moment as it unfolds
Every scene has a story to tell
Embedded in the mind carried til the light ends

A Photograph Poem#1


Captured moment, capsules in time
Faded memories, that never run dry
The window of the soul, visual eyes
Ink in the wind imprinted in mind.

Gone with the wind promises turned to lies.
Words soaked in an elixir of bittersweet disguise.
Unrequited love and daunting desire.
Forever just a word and never been a prize.

Jaded and tattered for the meantime.
The end of the beginning but still thrive.
Letting go marred the spirit and maimed the soul.
The end is inevitable,
So do I.