I Am Nothing

Solitude closes in

clogging my throat

gasping for breath

that won’t come.

A mantra emerges

pulsating in rhythm




I feel nothing

therefore I am


My skull vibrates

from the intensity

from this war cry

of the heart.

Mountain Mornings

Mornings are cold

in the mountains.

The sun has yet to raise

its head over

the forested peeks

rising above us.


The chickens are awake

squawking for scratch

they know is coming

while the puppies yelp

for the mother

that is running the hills

leaving them hidden

and safe from prying eyes.


Let’s put these introductions aside….

I just recently graduated with a BA in both Public Health and Creative Writing. Writing is my passion, but due to some recent setbacks my family is facing (and life in general), I have been struggling in making time for writing. My hopes for the Poetry Marathon is to gain that desire and passion back, and maybe start making a place for it back in my life again.