When I close my eyes

I think of a better place 

I soon to be

A place I can rest

A place I soon to hold you

My mind in full power

A place I soon mumble sweet nothings in your ear

A place to hold you in my nest

A place no one can bother us

A place where we can live in peace

Where your mind can wonder and rest

Your senses can evolve in the earth

I shan’t think of no other 

Since our eyes met

All I do is think of you

and your beautiful eyes

I shall rescue you soon!

Hello fellow poets!

My name PrettyPink22,

I am avid poet reader and writer. This is my first year trying out poetry marathon. I hope I do good. My favorite  poets Maya Angelou,  Carolyn  Roger’s, Edgar Allen Poe, T.S Elliot, E.E Cummings, and Shel Silverstein.