Body Keeps the Score

Combat soldiers
Drive Syrians into a refugee camp
One visits and encounters a trauma
Dreams of the Congo or in a jungle.


She walks on velvet moss below her feet
Balancing and gingerly watching her footing
In the meadow ahead
Through the ancient oaks draped in moss
Like curtains shielding grand windows
Lies a solid rock
An inviting place to sit
She places her feet one in front of the other
Toes damp with leaves stuck on bottom
Light breeze giving the leaves something to whisper about
Ahead, a large purple crystal
Topped by fairytale fairies
Summoning her to the entrance leading to the
Below the canopy of trees
She shivers with the breeze

Moon Cat

Moon Cat
Strides through the city
Came across Ally Cat
Moon Cat purred and flipped his tail
In a question mark
Ally Cat
Licked her lips
Having had a nibble of tuna fish
Moon Cat smelled her breath
And hissed with jealousy
Ally Cat flipped her tail
And walked away


Liberation from libation
Sans ale suds
Sans upper and downer
No more dry mouth
No more headache
No more insatiable need for ‘more’
This is granted
For those whom choose sobriety
You’re either in or out
Saved by God’s Grace

Three years ago

Dear Amy three years ago,

Lost in an abyss with an undertow
Drinking didn’t work
Smoking mj didn’t work
The drugs didn’t work
What was there left to do?

So proud of you making that call
Finding God in California
But then a breakdown
A work intrusion
Tunneled vision
Didn’t know you could go back
To old playgrounds and play friends

Bipolar depression out of control
Anxious to continue life
Literally felt as if you could jump through your skin
Sober for a few weeks
Then broken, off again

Feeling nothing through the summer,
Didn’t care if you lived or died
Approaching summer’s end
A call to a last resort place

A month at Starlite
A forever sobriety date,
It works if you work it
One day at a time.

Obtained clarity
But still had far to climb
Weekly sessions to breakdown
And excavate the past
Identified original wound

Worked with repair
Sometimes with God’s help when remembering to surrender
Lessons of

Now three years later
Lessons of
Joy and Grace

It works if you work it
And you’re entirely worth it.


Filtered light rays dancing on my eye lids
Scent of cinnamon in the air
Warmth surrounds me
Kick to the side a cool spot like a bubbling spring
Coffee to shake me awake
Empty room
Empty mind
Sans noise
Sans sight
Energy bursts through the room flittering the curtains
Like butterfly wings

God Sign

I hang my head with sadness
Weighted heavy with contemplation
I go for a meditative walk
Head down
Eyes to the ground
One crunch
Two crunch
Three crunch
But really distracted
But let’s say noticing
A limb
A heart shaped center
Once again, it’s Divine Creator
Grateful for the God sign
The tangibles littered upon my path
No drama of a burning bush
Subtle Divinely placed treasures
Heart shaped rocks,
Heart shaped flowers,
Heart shaped fruit

Pocket Change

It’s been over twenty years
Since you passed away
Sadness in my heart
Gladness of memories
Subtle signs you send
Reach me as a mortal
Shows you still care
Quarters left in pathways
I remember how you delighted
When exchanging dollars at the post
For newly minted state quarters
Did you receive the ones we left?
Did you know your life would end at North Carolina?
Quarters left at your gravesite
Like stones left a Jewish markers
Quarters littered in pathways
Butterflies a popular symbol of loved ones breaking through Heaven
I find you throughout the bluebonnet flowers
I remember the daffodils you fondly passed along
In brown bottles wrapped in a spring poem
Sweet peas trailing on the shed
A touch of Heaven with
Pennies in pathways
Dimes the angels place Heaven sent
Fond memories of soil mingled with cedar
Reminds me of the work you did
Even in the heat of summer
Dimes in the doorways
A reminder my love of writing
Came throughout the generations through you
You seeded my fertile mind with yellowed issues
Of writer’s chronicles
Yellow pads scratched by pens
Containing spills from the confines
Of your mind
A mortal life
Eras of hardwork to overcome strife
Courage and chance
You provided me a lifestyle beyond
Liberal ideas to debate
College you encouraged
You moved me in lieu of my parents
Mountain laurel scent
Flower petals floating through air
That dead of winter
On top of the dormitory hill
December semester visits
Shaking the hand of my future husband
A smile and a silence acquiescence
You transferred me without resistance
A quarter found many Mother’s days
To show you know my daughter
Even without a mortal glance
Pennies in pathways that David pockets
Admonishing society of the waste
A penny richer
Quarters in pathways
Bluebonnets break through soil
Random pocket change year after year
Oh why?
Did you have to die?