HOUR 10 Missing you…


I had no idea that your death would mean the death of me.

Well a part of me. The part that loved you, more than I knew.

You among many, always stood out.

Your laughter and kindness never diminished, no matter what.


Someone needs this, someone needs that.

Don’t worry, Mom does it all, expecting nothing in return.

She’s there because you need her, she’s there because she cares.


I noticed on her fridge, there are pictures of you,

and you, and you. She loved her family and friends

more than most do.


She lent you that money, though she needed it to.

She wrote it off as a gift, what else, would SHE do.

Another stayed all summer, creating more debt

she opened her heart and her home, with no regret.


And when you were sick she was always there.

With your favorite foods that she would prepare.

Her heart was so large, I thought it would burst

you never hungered or needed, or suffered a thirst.


I cry as I write this, for I should have done more.

You loved me and hugged me, nurtured for sure.

Each tear I cry is love for you.

You said that I’d miss you.

You know that I do.



In a Mountain holler

I decided to walk

I didn’t want distractions

I didn’t want to talk.


I came upon a wooden walkway

strange among the trees.

I decided to diverge,

which is not like me at all


I’m a stubborn sort of man

who can’t follow the flow.


Hidden birds

stressed with song

warned  others I was



The wooden walkway

I had chosen

opened up,

to a spectacular view.


One of which, I would have liked

to share my love with you.


The birds are quiet now

I no longer pose a threat

maybe I’ll stay here

I’m a PTSD Vet.










I’m in a field

flying high

with a  toy

called Drone.


Flying high

feeling high

in a Drone’s

minds eye.


Feeling high

with your

minds eye

drives me crazy


With your

drone in play

driving me crazy

I give up!





Every time I see him, I writhe from within.

More so, than the chill I get from disappearing glaciers.

He is a no man, a figment of his own manipulation.

A wart of a human being that entangles his prey in a twitter of lies.


I must admit, first I laugh at his preposterous ideas.

But then, heat creeps into my capillaries and I’m on fire!

I aim my thumb and index finger at the over sized screen.

I want to blow the damn TV out of the house and into the woods.


Vile spews from the mouth of the ignorant man that stands before me.

“Wa, wa, wa did I say. I didn’t say that! The media lies.”


Nothing riles me more than a liar. Oh yes there is one thing…

a bad liar. The kind that weaves lies, like a spinner on a wheel,

who then rips it out, only because someone found his mistake.

A mistake that otherwise would unravel after the purchase is made.


I sense a game is played in the mind of a moron who feels he is better,

Better than ANYONE.

Only a fool or delusional chihuahua feels he is bigger and smarter than the rest of us.

What a joke. what a shame when the mind is smaller than the rage.


I am stuck in my domain without power or resource, so I coil when I hear his name.

I do not mean to offend, nor do I mean to pretend that I have a solution.

I’m frightened by thoughts of retribution.

I crave peaceful revolution.






If he’s warped, then so am I. I feel his madness deep within my cold heart.

He screams, thinking no one hears him, no one can help him, but I hear him.

Over and over again, the same awful screech, the same complaint.

Can you hear him? Why do you ignore his pain. Please help him.


Reason is beyond a blind eye, it should capture the soul and emit…


It should straighten out those jagged thoughts, that constantly turn into…


It should… demand the right to be heard, for the meek sounds of the night get lost in faint echoes.

Wind, rain, snow, fire and ice.

Are some of the demons entrapping forest life.

But a trap is man’s device.





There is no denying

somewhere along the line

I missed something.


With book in hand, I survey the doctor’s waiting room.

To the left of me, they’re playing games on their phone.

To the right of me, are texters and sexters,

moving their fingers rapidly along the keys.


You know, the keyboard, that some of us cannot SEE.

Outside the room someone is yelling into their phone.


I look to see if anyone else is reading a book.

You know, you remember, the thing that is made of paper.

Nope, no bookers or magazine readers.


I secretly mourn for the paper mills and wonder how long paper will last.

So I stow it away, fresh reams of paper. My secret.

I’m embarrassed that the tech world has surpassed my abilities.


I can’t tweet on twitter

or pin at pinterest.

Face, FaceBook

or download an app.


I’m officially a dinosaur

no techie meckie

a throwback










She rose from the darkness alone and cold,

not knowing when her life would unfold.

She prayed day and night.

Laughed, rather than cry; as the street is her address

and a cardboard box, her home.

The smaller the box the more heat  she will gain.


She tried their shelter, they turned her away

she tried again and again, the same everyday.

You’d think they have shelter for the forlorn.

but no way in hell, would that lady conform.


Yes, I said lady, not of the night.

lady of  the morn, get it? That’s right.


Was it her face that appalled them

or the stench of her clothes?

She had no way of knowing.

Nobody told.



A man was walking

before darkness of night.

His head was slanted

no, that’s not right.


Through the darkened wood I saw

a gentleman about six foot four.

He approached with a smile

that was somewhat askew


Clearly he was lost

clearly he knew.


There’s no rhyme or reason,

but I chose to ignore

iambic pentameter

I’ve done that before.


He spoke.

I am neither foe nor friend

I’m just a man, on a bend.


A man on a bend?

What matter is that?

What do you want?

And why do you crawl?


I am not crawling

he said with a smile.

I am slithering,

my chance to beguile.


I saw you walking

before darkness of night

I know what I saw

I know I am right.



I walk before darkness

you got that right,

but once the sun sets

I slither through night.


I looked in his eyes

that were now green

I started to run,

I started to scream.


He was a man by day

and a snake at night.

I ran till I dropped

and he was out of sight.


That was close

I said under breath

I ill walk before darkness

to avoid the threat!









You asked Me

to listen;

I did.


Those words

had no meaning

no, not for me.


Distracted by his rifle

and blurry tattoos

I should have listened

to your prompt

and not viewed.


I’ll try again

a second time


Without distraction

I was able to hear

about hope and love

things I hold dear


Your prompt

goes to show

never judge

the unknown.


Hear through the rhetoric

and beautiful tone

a message brought clear

a message sent home


Hey there,

yes you.

We are not alone.

We’re not quite through.


So open your mind

and look beyond you.

Peace can be real

for more than a few.




My Demise


I’ve often thought and wondered

about my demise.

Will it be gentle

and take me in the night?

Will I find what I’ve been looking for

as I search through the light?


So many thoughts and issues.

I see them sitting there.

Sad little faces and

some hands, filled

with tissues.


I wonder how they’ll see me

with sadness or joy;

a player in the madness

or a child in the void.


I guess the answer

lies, in my untimely