Never know till you flow

will it end or just grow

will it mend for pretend


I stare at the snow.


Grab the ink

while I think

using keys more with ease

forget the trend

just jot then send.

Rat Race

Hustle till I can’t see,

muscle not necessary,

bustle because the brook is deep,

subtle as far as eye can see,

huddle is where I wanna be,

muddle so you can picture me,

escape until eternity,

imprint so you remember me.


And so the beginning

Starts, the beginner

Won’t stop

until the beginning ends

Or the Mike drops.


Unexpected loop

taken by surprise

dreams forewarning

meditating eyes

analytical thoughts

waiting in disguise

this is why Lord sees

bigger pictures from the skies.

Firestarter. I am.

I was created,

born to write,

written word

my heart, body, soul.
I live, breath, eat it.
Never perfection, always perfecting.

The word

will never leave

me, it is my destiny.