Je t’aime Mon Amour

Café in Paris Lips lined in revolution red sealed the envelope with a kiss slid it across the table a solitary tear dropped like a sparkling diamond “We knew this day would come, I must go” And like that she was gone

Free Verse – A Word I Will Not Say

Prompt 16, Hour 16 Write a poem about love, without ever using the word love in it. *** Free Verse – A Word I Will Not Say 2020©DSCoremans I said it; long before him. An accident, words I did not mean to say. Just three…

I Am

If ever there was a moment any moment, in which I was not myself, that moment pushed us each away from the other. I am she who is not, yet I am eternal; a child of one who is.


He hurts me. Every. Single. Day.   He hurts me.   I can’t stop forgiving him. I tried for three years. I can’t stop.   At the end of every day, He is the one I want to talk to.   Prompt 16, Hour 16

Things Unsaid (prompt 20, Hour 16)

I am camouflaged behind a mound of hair. In this small car speeding across town, I battle the rapids of roaring rivers and shatter into millions of diamonds in their cascading falls, or elbow the sheer waters with a spidery grace. I stalk the Appalachians…

D.N.R. (12:00 AM) – edit done (Hour 16)

~ D², @d2poetry there is a dampness attached to stale dreams priming to erode disintegrate rust out die until becoming invisible memories residue of grieved hope seeking to resuscitate defibrillate revive dysfunctional conception lacking power to take root ~ D², 06.23.19, 12:24 AM Copyright D…

The Inquiry

Words carelessly crafted don’t hide your emotions The eyes give you away You look above and you look below Never meeting my gaze I hear it in your voice It falters and cracks Something sinister comes your way? I sense fear in your lament  

Cat for Sale

“CAT FOR SALE” The call came through the market Setting small hearts off like a rocket The thought of a small ball of fur Brought feet skittering to hear the purr Eyes widened upon reaching the destination Mouths opened in “O’s” of surprised animation This…

Sestina for the Night

As the clock strikes midnight my mind is on something beautiful Away in the city she is who I long to be with this night We don’t need any words or to speak just us together touching It is as if the only language we have is our love…