2023 Poetry Marathon — Hour #12 — Half Marathon Finale

This ending doesn’t feel the same

It’s my first half marathon

After only ever completing the full marathon

I’m still glad I came


I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete the full one this year

And I waited until the last day

Before I chose to say

That I could do that half and be here


It was a difficult decision for me to make

And I’m glad I chose to be involved

And marked my dilemma “solved”

Maybe next year I’ll catch a break


2023 Poetry Marathon — Hour #11 — The Song of Summer





The evening symphony lasts for hours

Crescendos build until every musician is performing

They enter and pause in waves

Every few minutes, a solo, until the rest of the orchestra joins in.

The concert last for days.

The mating song of the cicada.

2023 Poetry Marathon — Hour #9 — Dinner

Mouthwatering aromas creep through the house

the faintest of smells at first, barely noticeable

Until they get stronger and bolder, melding together

beckoning for you to come closer


Unable to ignore the warring stomach gremlins any longer,

their battle cries deafening to your ears

and their territory yearning for sustenance,

you get up from your work to investigate

In the hope dinner’s about to be served.

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