Registration for the 2024 Marathon is now closed!


Thank you so much to everyone who registered to participate in the 2024 Poetry Marathon!

We had an unprecedented 627 people apply to participate this year! That does not mean all 627 will make it to the starting line but it’s still over 100 more potential participants than we have ever had before. The majority of participants are from North America. We’ve had over 50 people sign up to participate in India, over 30 in the UK, at least 17 in Africa, and 19 from Oceania.This year again, we had at least one person sign up from every continent except Antarctica.

We have just sent out the final round of responses. If you have not received a response from us yet, feel encouraged to email us at We are looking forward to writing with everyone this weekend!

8 thoughts on “Registration for the 2024 Marathon is now closed!

    1. We are not using this platform anymore and have moved! Any poem posts made here will not be posted. The details went out with the registration emails if you want to follow and share on the new site.

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