Quietly awaiting

Quietly awaiting

The break of day


Soon the restrictions

Will slip away


Though they won’t

Be as concerned


With quiet

After I’m done


Next time

I’ll stay home


Where my freedom reigns


No manipulation

It’s just the situation



Is what

My body

And my mind need

Tomorrow has come

Yesterday I was up

Just before the sun

The Marathon

Had yet to



Words I Wish I Wrote

The prompts,

they did not want to play.

Felt like my muses ran away

Had trouble figuring out just what I wanted to say

challenging to come up with 24 poems in just a day

Sleep deprived, intensified all of my dismay

My post I would never betray

Even when my brain goes astray

Just wish I could have wrote the words I wanted to convey.


A little Tenderness

I’m tired

And the sky

Has turned to grey

In my heated blanket

May It comfort me today


I’m hungry

Which seems to take

My words away

Could really use some coffee


I’m still writing

Even though I’m whining

Come what may

Under my Umbrella

Under my umbrella 🌂

The hours fall away

Sliding into yesterday

As if rain


Under my umbrella 🌂

The negativity can’t

Protrude my head

Sheltered is my happiness


Under my umbrella 🌂

I see words used with hate

makes me sad as there is

so much more we can create

Wishing Well

There’s a legend about the well

in the center of the garden.

It is said, that’s where she led them.

Bad children and unfaithful men

Who’d come to her

Begging her, to hide what they did


Told to leave a token

As their wish was spoken


Pushed into the grey stone well

Cuz dead ones tell no tale


Poetess as Raven

In the dark of night

the Poetess

tends her void


healing her wounds

through her words


the affection of her longevity

mischievous curiosity


she surrenders to liberation

only found through transformation


ready to ascend

the Poetess


faces her fears

digs deeper into her truth

ready for the change

due for rebirth



Innocent Laughter ~ another golden shovel

“Born with a gift of laughter, and a sense that the world is mad” Rafael Sabatini


On the day that you were born

It was an honor to be with

Your mom, the experience a



A treasure of

Love and laughter


Now you’re almost a year, and

Your giggles are a

Welcomed, innocent sense


As your momma worries that

Your safety is in the

Hands of a cold cruel world


The promise of what was

In a place that’s gone mad.

Golden Shovel for hr 10

“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world, is also a confession of their character ”  Ralf waldo Emerson


It’s hard to believe in people

When we see the harm they do

United we are not


Nothing is as it seem(s)

What will it lead to?


When will we realize?

These circumstances cause that

People fully believe in their~


This too, I am guilty of


Leading us to questioning the

Many ways of the world


As perception is

A new way, to look at also

Another lesson in a

Silent confession


We are all guilty of

To shift out of “their”

As this life has built our character



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