Hour 14 – Bloody Trees

Prompt For Hour Fourteen

Last Thursday, the trees went missing
Every last one of them, roots and all
Search parties were sent out
Distraught environmentalists held candlelight vigils

Tree experts were called in, profiles were made
Protocols were followed. Nothing.
The fugitives are at large, the DA’s office said
We are doing everything we can

Suspects were rounded up and brought in for questioning
A cigar and a table were held back as possible leads
A natural photography book broke down
Meanwhile, a team was sifting soil round the clock looking for roots

A naturalist spending the weekend at a nudist camp
Suddenly noticed it was raining on the moon
Observatories confirmed: The delinquent trees had indeed relocated
And were currently giving us the finger

14 thoughts on “Hour 14 – Bloody Trees

  1. The title garnered my attention and it made me wonder about the content. And it was definitely the right choice to read your poem!! I loved the many metaphors that added a humor spice to a serious gist. I found it entertaining but straight to the point. Thank you for this awesome poem. It made my day :))

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