Hour 7

I’ll be yours forever,

just give me one chance

Sometimes I just can’t resist

the way I suffer when I see you smile.

It’s amazing how crazy I feel

when my heart jumps

I am looking for you everywhere

When I see you

I start to lose my grip and all of my cool

It’s all you I pray for.


Hour – 20

Raindrops on my shoulders make me happy.

Rain in my eyes can make me cry

Rain on the water leaves so lovely.

Rain has forever given the joy


Hour – 24

Best? What’s that

To me, it’s Being unlike the rest

But If you stand out

Would they accept

Initially, They might not

Because this is the way the world operates

You are presumed to adopt

The conventional trail

If you embarked empirically

there’s fear to fail

On every fruitless outcome

criticism awaits

You will wander for a while

Cause life is a maze

But, don’t capitulate

You will eventually find your way

you have one life

Be experimental

No matter what you achieve

They’ll always be judgemental

Just take the steering

Of Your beautiful spirit

And drive it in your style

One day, they will bow down

When finally the destination will arrive.



Women sacrifice

Hour 23

Woman is cool like a breeze

She is hot too like a loo
When it comes to sacrifice
She is The limitless as sky
She is the tough like land
When it comes to tolerance
Her selflessness is high as hill
Her heart is deep as ocean
woman’s soft delicate like petal
She is also the protector of honor
woman of confident like tulips
She becomes wife and
follower of the partner
the woman prays for children
In this process of giving love
She become like a helpless bird trapped
whenever on her mind
Appears the folds of desires
woman irons it flat
woman who aspirated was a blazing flame The woman gets extinguished and turns to ashes.


Hour – 22

Where there is no friend
only This earth, this sky,
and there are the sights
Where The path is difficult,
There are thorns in the aisles,
The steps are bare
there are cracks on the feet
There is no tenderness, no softness,
There is a dilemma at every step,
No one talks about summers
neither about the springs or rains,
If so, just smoldering embers Were alone,
So alone,
that Even if you find a partner,
You prefer to walk alone
to reach that destination,
When you get engaged
Even in the fall,
there is the hope for springs
Hope to move forward with courage
Why not as high as the walls
No matter what is written in fate,
I will change that at any rate,
Whatever wasn’t written,
there’s nothing hard work cant create
You dont need anybody,
Till you are with you
Walking all the way
Achieving everything meant for you.



Aditi Dixit


Hour – 21
Love is a tender feeling
It falls like falling drops,
very light on my mind,
the bubbles formed in the water
come in my like a fantasy
then go away just like the clouds of monsoon get wet and yearn for now,
I don’t like it Staying close by,
reducing the irritation of the eyes,
the greenery of the leaves is just
Just when this soothing drizzle
Turns into a heavy fall
Your arms will turn my umbrella
If Only your face can be seen,
I will discern that I have found ecstasy,
I drink patient-like water sips,
I might become lifeless in this separation,
They say that you will not come
the time has stopped you,
But I believe have sent rain.

Aditi Dixit


Hour – 19

You will win with patience
Be neither afraid of the dark nor of the night,

The morning will surely come

Morning will come
But don’t you get tired of your life
don’t lose your courage
the enthusiasm to fight against odd situations then you will win with patience
sorrow is anguish,
sympathizers all just have unwavering faith
we together believe in patience
Do not violate freedom by tying a chain
You will also get a breath of peace
Time will also be good,
happiness will also come pat
Everything will happen with patience

Aditi Dixit



Hour – 18

Under the river of stars
Beneath the harvest moon,
When the silver flowers sparkling
In the garden of nights,
Enjoying the ride of life,
One day comes a typhoon,
Comes and tells you
As a beautiful buddy
the agony is over now
Takes you under the other river
Filled up with bright roses
But you realized
You would never get a moon there
And all your
sorrow reappeared here.



Aditi Dixit

I my not be the best

Hour – 17
In this world full of charms
i may not be the best
Yet certainly, I’m not like the rest
a path wide enough
for only two of us to walk abreast
The feelings the emotions
No real love just the lust
Failed to learn the maneuvers
Mocked by the dirty trickers
Trying to kill my innocence
every action under a surveillance
Trying to overcome the resentment
Ignored the Prophecy
Fell prey to Destiny
It’s not as easy as I assumed
To conserve the world from being doomed
I guess I was wrong
To fix the cold world
Fill the warmth of love
Is not going to be easy as the task
Yet, I am happy with the suffering
The cost i paid for honesty is vast
In this world full of fallacies
I may not be the best
But at least I am not like the rest


Aditi Dixit

Stubborn mind

Hour – 16

Running behind the confusing feelings,
Again behind the same tortures,
How will the feeling disappear,
well, How can I confess my sorrow
to my stubborn mind,
How do I persuade a stubborn mind,
No love, where there is only sorrow
You will just be left heartbroken tomorrow
Everyone is ready to offer physical love
But who would tell my innocent brain
You are being trapped
well, I How to restore true love?
How do I convince a stubborn mind?
Every moment here in love is as if a battle has been waged
here There is nothing here except love,
My heart fell for this when my brain wasn’t prepared
Well, How can I blame the mind no?
How do I convince a stubborn mind?





Aditi Dixit

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