Hour 10: I’m Lonelier Than the Moon

Seven years ago, I befriended the moon, 

I was young and empathy flew where it often shouldn’t have 

I wouldn’t have believed, if you told me then, 

I was lonelier than the moon, 

Why I was bolder, since I was younger, 

So I asked to befriend  the moon, 

I cited the distance, 

Oh, the grievance she must have, God was unfair 

Casting her away, while I was here

But my moon was kind, benevolent, 

Blind to my ignorance, 

She let me bask in the glory, 

Let me tell my story, 

Of how I vanquished evil isolation,

I could not have been alone, she was my consolation,

Ah youth, how I thrived in blind negation  

And swore on my honor and reputation, 

‘I befriended the moon’.  

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