Hello from Nebraska

Hello everyone! This is my fourth half marathon. I’ve written from California, Hawaii, and now Nebraska. I have been writing since I was a girl. I’ve had several poems published in literary magazines like The Society of Classical Poets and The Road Not Taken. I also write fantasy and sometimes blog over here. I’d love to connect with other like-minded poets, so please drop by and say hi.

Looking forward to writing on Saturday!


Looking forward to this marathon! I’ve been writing since I was six and became interested in poetry around age fourteen. I’m extremely passionate about writing and art but can get demotivated when I don’t have deadlines. Doing the 9am to 9pm half marathon (never been an all-nighter kind of gal) and expecting to be exhausted and brain-dead, but feeling really good about the potential I’ll have in these drafts.
I write both in form and free verse; depending on how the day goes you will probably see more free verse. Writing from the Pacific time zone…

Good luck, everyone!