I Am Boss

Clearly thoughts can come and go

some sometimes stop and stay a while

but others do not make me smile

they make me mad

they just took off

they’re being bad

when I need them

then they’re gone

and the ones that stay

I don’t need that long

clearly thoughts can come and go

I just want to show

who’s boss

and … and …

never mind.


People say: I love you

I like you

I need you

this shows they love you

God says: I love you

I created you

because I wanted you.

this is love too.

powerful thoughts

to hold in your heart

you are loved

in so many ways.


He has few words

but many sounds.

His toy cars crash and smash,

and the honk honk honk of his bus

is the best around.

He can growl

and he can hiss

you know what it is

just by this.

He slurps and he burps

he taps and he claps.

When bedtime comes

he tippy taps out of his room

to give you a smoosh on the cheek

then he laughs

and runs back to fall asleep





Forgive –

give up

this hard feeling inside me?


it owns me

it colors my every thought.

he said forgive me of what?

he didn’t even remember.


I must choose

to forgive again.


Ice Box Office

Winter or summer

it doesn’t matter which

an ice box office

is where I sit.

I shiver and shake

and put a sweater on

while people come in sweating

from the summer sun.

In winter you would think

they’d turn the heat on

but it only goes as far

as the copy room.

They sometimes ask me

why my lips are blue

I simply reply

it’s my favorite hue.


Seek wisdom

Wisdom that can be sought for

and found.

Speak wisdom

Let wise words

flow from your mouth

and don’t be hindered

by others.

Seek wisdom every day

and wisdom will become

part of your life.



What Counts

It’s the little things that count.

That’s what they say, like

a shy smile or

a baby’s hug.

But what about the big things?

They count a lot.

When your son says

I hate you

but you make it through

or the job gave you

a promotion when

you didn’t know what to do.

Those are big; life changing.

It is the little things that count.

It is the big things count.

Don’t discount either

but find a place

of gratitude

and stay there.









Choose Him

The sky was opened

like a zipper pulled.

The heavens were revealed

and a man rode forth

on a great white horse.

Everyone could see

glory all around.

Some fell in awe.

Some fell in fear.

Split second choices were no more.

What was

and what is

were the same.

The sound of moving angels

as well as their songs

filled earth’s air

and then they were gone

with everyone who

chose Him.

Again The Stillness

How long ago? It

seems like a different time.

My heart is beating.

Yet again the stillness comes.

Broken flowers rest on you.


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