Hello Fellow Marathoners 2021

Hello Everyone,

My name’s Ana Marie and this is my 2nd venture into the Half Marathon. I go by AMANA in the Poetry Marathon. I can say that I’m thrilled to be writing with you all again, and counting the days until D-day. I know that this is no easy feat but I am looking forward to enjoying it as much as I can, focusing really hard on the task at hand, finishing the journey to the end and coming up with a collection for publishing into a chapbook, hopefully. At the moment you can find some of my writing at


Again, thank you so much for having me! What can I say, I’m glad to be back 🙂

Hello Everyone 2020

Hello everyone! I’m Ana Marie, and it’s my first time joining The Poetry Marathon from the Philippines. Thanks to Jacob and Caitlin.

Thrilled as I am to be part of this exciting event I hope that things will run smoothly on the day itself, and look forward to completing the Second Half Marathon.

I enjoyed giving life to my poetry in Friday Flash Fiction and recently In Three Line Poetry in addition to The Collective Journalblog, which I maintain, moreover I would like to be inspired in breathing new life into fresh poetry.

I know that this exercise is going to be a challenging one, but I am looking forward to enjoying the task and learning from this experience. I’m glad to be writing with you all. Let’s get creative and craft away.