A Shiver of Light – A Merry Gentry Novel (Hour 23)

Purple eggs laid on large fern leaves

Sunlight dapples across their shells

Tiny wings of gossamer gold

Emerge just right, just when they’re told

When the sun is high and the sky is blue

Little fairies chip through

Fragile shells of porcelain

Broken through by dorsal fins

Into this world of black and white

They call to me with joyful voices

Happy to see me they are

I could never traverse too far

One, two, three and four

five, six, seven, eight

Oh my, two more and we have ten

Wherever will we put them and when

Come my children, let us fly

Through these woods and to the hills

There you will find the pink unicorns

I assure you they are quite norm

We circle, we glide upon a rainbow cloud

See how the turtle shells glow

and the robins egg sounds

Look there and you will see 

Our beautiful home, waiting for you and for me

So when next you see upon the ground

Purple spheres with no known name

Place them carefully back upon the stem

So they will come back and stay with you again

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