Cheese Please

In France it’s called a light fromage 

Yet for the cameras it’s Marmoset

In a pot it melts to a special sauce

And then it becomes a thick fondue 

Mexico uses lots of Queso

Upon hot chips it can be found 

Jalapeño’s dipped into ranchero

Taste much, much better splashed with Queso 


The Germans they have got the touch 

For Hartkäse and Schnittkäse

But my favorite shining star

Is Hartkäse from Württemberg


Turn the corner and you will see

A cheese with holes from a Swiss factory

Baby Swiss is great it’s true

Yet Emmental is all the rage

And so at last it comes to pass

That yellow cheese is made by Kraft

Not aged, nor sharp nor holes a one

But in the USA it beats them all

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